The Future is Wood

Mass timber provides distinct advantages to architects, engineers, and end users seeking to envision, then create, buildings that function as good as they feel. BOISE CASCADE COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS exists to bring these visions to life.

Mass Timber Product Solutions

The possibilities for mass timber solutions are virtually endless. What’s important is ensuring you choose the correct products for the application and its constraints. That’s why Boise Cascade Commercial Solutions established a network of industry suppliers – including our own custom solutions – to help you source the full range of mass timber options.



  • Biophilic design = spaces inspired by nature
  • Renewable and sustainable resources
  • Sequestered carbon and avoided emissions
  • Cost-effective and faster construction
  • Flexible design options
  • Inherent fire resistance
Courtesy of Opsis Architecture

Sustainable Practical Adaptable

Recent advances in engineering and manufacturing have converged with an increasing demand for sustainable structures, making mass timber construction not only feasible, but the environmentally responsible alternative to steel and concrete construction.

It’s easy to see why. The benefits of mass timber are both pragmatic and impactful to a wide range of stakeholders.

Courtesy of Opsis Architecture

The Boise Cascade Mass Timber Advantage

From conception through installation to ribbon-cutting, Boise Cascade Commercial Solutions puts our decades of experience in engineered wood manufacturing, construction, supply and logistics to work for you. Our team can walk you through every step of the process, from conception, including budgetary analysis, code review, and more. Optimizing material and capabilities to provide solutions to meet your budget. The Boise Cascade Commercial Solutions team helps to support your project, reducing risk, and increasing opportunities.

Start to finish support

Mass Timber Supply

  • Provide material based on design drawing of record
  • Product manufacturing
  • Standard and custom size product


  • Guidance with Design Considerations regarding Mass Timber Elements
  • Schematic design assist and connection detailing
  • Optimization for DFMA (Design for Manufacturing Assist)

Cost Analysis

  • Budgetary pricing
  • Fabrication costing
  • Coordinate accessory components

Project Support

  • Submittal packages
  • Shop drawings and fabrication models
  • Provide support to authority having jurisdiction

Installation Support

  • Logistics and material coordination
  • Provide product and installation guidance
  • Technical assistance

Let’s Get

Whether projects are large or small in scope, Boise Cascade Commercial Solutions has the experience, capacity, and agility to help you deliver your next mass timber project.


Whether you’re facing budget concerns, design challenges, supply chain issues, or just don’t know what you don’t know, we can assist with your mass timber projects.

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