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Mass Timber Is The Answer. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution in the building sector. Choose wood.

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  • HALF A TON OF CO2 is emitted for every ton of concrete produced. TWO TONS OF CO2 are emitted to manufacture a ton of steel.
  • Wood products have less embodied carbon (which is carbon emitted to make a product during material harvesting, transportation, processing, etc.). One cubic meter of CLT wood sequesters over a ton of CO2. That carbon is kept out of the atmosphere for the lifetime of the structure and in some cases forever.
  • Mass timber is green from the start. Sustainable forestry and logging operations produce less waste and are far less destructive to the environment than traditional material manufacturing processes.¬†
  • Most lifecycle analysis classifies wood supply as carbon-neutral.
  • 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from construction. 28% come from building operations.¬†
  • A commercial building constructed with mass timber materials represents a 26% reduction in its global warming potential.

The Boise

  • Source our raw materials from sustainable and responsibly managed forests.
  • Actively protect the air and water near our manufacturing sites.
  • Use bark and material residuals created during manufacturing as biomass fuel, which replaces 75% of the energy used at our manufacturing locations¬†that would otherwise come from the electrical grid..
  • Prioritize compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Study the environmental effects of our raw materials, products, processes, and emissions.
  • Seek to continually improve our environmental management systems.
  • We truly care about relationships with our teammates, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the communities where we operate.