For Owners/Developers

Why Mass

From single-family homes to larger more complex multifamily and commercial development, mass timber delivers.

When it comes to next-gen construction, the future is wood. Mass timber outdoes traditional steel and concrete construction in every respect. It’s less expensive. It’s less complicated. It’s more sustainable, more durable, more beautiful.

When it comes to development, mass timber gives you more.

Courtesy of Lombard Conrad Architects


Mass timber products are light, allowing for simpler designs, off-site prefabrication, smaller work crews, and speedier construction.

Courtesy of Lombard Conrad Architects


Unmatched potential to create stunning biophilic designs inspired by nature, which will provide higher perceived values from tenants.


Renewable, Reusable, Resilient and the right choice.


Inherent fire resistance, with a char rate equivalent to solid wood, to address life, building, and welfare code requirements.

Why BC Commercial Solutions?

From concept to ribbon-cutting, Boise Cascade Commercial Solutions has you covered.

We’re here to put our decades of experience in engineered wood manufacturing, construction, and logistics to use. Our team includes research and development, structural engineering, and design experts. They’ll walk you through every step of the process, including budgetary analysis, code review, and more.

Design Guidance

Our team provides guidance with design considerations to architects on schematic design and connection detailing, as well as grid and product optimization.

Made To Order

Boise Cascade can design and manufacture mass timber solutions to bring your vision to life.

Work Smart

We’ll provide unbiased insights to ensure you have the right product for each application in your mass timber product.


With Boise Cascade’s established network of industry suppliers, we’ll help you source the full range of mass timber options.